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Switchpack DSP60

60/30 channel DMX switchpack 12 - 230V ~ at 300mA each
The  DSP60 was originally conceived for the control of a 10 x 6 lamp matrix that was used for a show effect imitating the driving direction of a „spaceship turbo lift“. The DSP60 has now become part of our inventory and beside the lamp matrix, it can also be used for the control of installed contactors in theaters in order to directly switch on or off all supply circuits via DMX512. It is also possible to change the power supply from 12V up to 230V ~ (includes dimming, with disabled zero cross) or to even change the supply to direct voltage (DC, on request). This considerably extends the application field of the DSP60.

The standard version of the DSP60 is the pcb as shown in image 1. But also custom-designed explanations are possible.
See images 2 and 3 - in cases made of steel with cable glands, Image 4 - in 19" housing with Harting plug-connectors,
DMX IN & OUT and power supply, (Neutrik XLR and Neutrik PowerCon) on the back side.

Further advantages:
The zero-crossing-switch, WAGO cage clamps of the load outputs and the  connector for external code-switch. The maximum load is 70W per channel  at 230V ~. For other voltages, the current must not exceed 16A in total and 1A per channel.
Summary of characteristics
  • DSP 60, steel case, cable Gland
  • 30 or 60 channels with 70W each at 230V
  • zero-crossing control (switch off in use with Dimmer)
  • indication of power and DMX signal, all channels with fuse
  • decimal setting of DMX address via rotary switch or via optional external dual push-button code Switch
  • Switch position 000 for mute and test - 901..920 for manual output Switch
  • Other housings, cable mountings, connectors and switching voltages upon request.

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