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Since 1991, we have been a trustworthy partner in the development of hardware and software. We create and realize high-standard solutions for a wide field of applications, including

  • lighting technology (DMX512)
  • LED Control
  • electronic circuit design
  • cutom designs

As our customer, you are not tied to the standard configuration of our serial products; all our systems can be adjusted to your individual needs.
Our complex know-how enables a reasonable price performance relationship.

The installation of our systems can be easily performed by our customers themselves, but we also offer our support for major installations and operations.

Our service range does not only include the design of circuits, but also the development of software and the installation of computer chips, same as the design of housings.
Many years of experience ensure the high-quality standard of our systems, which becomes obvious in a documented quality control of each device and in the fact that only high-class components are installed.

Production Line
Our range of series products is constantly increasing, covering a wide field of applications.
Phone: +49201/ 50 09 33
Fax: +49201/ 50 11 71

Office hours:
Monday - Friday  08.00 AM - 06.00 PM
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