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On this site you will find a list of selected customers we worked for in the past. At this point, we would like to thank them for placing their confidence in our company.
Phantasialand (Brühl-Germany)
One of our main customers using lots of our Dimmer modules DDA4-1000XL and DDA2-XL, various models of DMX512 Splitters & Boosters and other customized devices.
Konzerthaus Dortmund (Concert Hall Dortmund-Germany) 2023
In 2023 we were able to complete a new LED Downlight development for the concert hall in Dortmund for the fourth time. The 36 pieces 575W halogen Downlights mounted in 12 motorized sails above the stage should be replaced with LED.
We developed a LED replacement with 110W, DIM2WARM (1800-3000K) light color, high precision dimming and a noiseless operation because fan-less technique.
Each of the 12 sails are controlled via a RDM able W-DMX receiver using CRMX wireless transmission.
Phantasialand (Brühl-Germany) 2015
Special development of 40 pieces 4 channel Dimmers to realize dimming of hundreds of Xmas tree LED-light chains for outdoor use until they did not emitting any brightness. (see picture on the index page) Complete offer of 40 Dimmers mounted in IP65 installation housings with PowerCon True1 and special IP68 DMX512 connectors.
Konzerthaus Dortmund (Concert Hall Dortmund-Germany) 2015/2016
Replacement of 217 pieces of high-voltage halogen Downlights with LED.  In collaboration with the company Blicklicht GmbH we developed and delivered a DMX512 controller and COB-LED. Technical requirements were, an exactly 0 to 100% and fine adjustable light with 16 Bit resolution independent to the 8 Bit DMX512 control signal and despite the high resolution, a responsive flash and blackout function.
Telenor Arena Norway (2015)
The 200 new 1.5kW LED replacement of the old hall illumination needed a 0 to 10V control and a circuit for reduction of high momentary inrush currents. We developed and delivered a DIN-Rail interface which converts DMX512 to a 0V to10V output, includes a DMX512 scene memory at DMX error case and a circuit for reduction of high momentary inrush currents.
Aalto Theater & Philharmonie Essen-Germany
A customized device for color-control, fitted with rough push buttons for color choice and a 100mm ALPS quality fader.
As well as four devices for replacement of old INNO dim follower controls. New with DMX512 control,  7-segment displays for brightness, Flash- and Blackout key, a custom designed housing for optimal mounting and heat resistant wires.

Boris Petrovsky – Sculpture artist
He arranges installations which become processors of communication, information and their contexts using light, sound and kinetics.
Some of our products especially multi channel DMX512 switch packs DSP60 , to realize his complex installations.

Gruga-Hall Essen-Germany (2012)
We should expand the analogous hall illumination system by Varintens, with DMX512.
Requirement was parallel use of installed Varintens control and new DMX512. Further on the previous safety circuits and redundancies should be kept in case of emergency. We developed and delivered 10 pieces of our new DAC1U (in DIN Rail housing) which we fitted into the existing electrical control cupboards. The complete Hall ceiling illumination is now controllable by old Varintens and new DMX512 control.

DaimlerChrysler Düsseldorf, Germany
Device for programming and testing, equipped with touch screen, barcode reader, label printer and connection to a central computer for the “InTime”-programming of the vehicle tools. Custom-tailored development of a jam-resistant, infrared data transfer system for the wireless control of the hanger plug during the process of manufacturing.

Volkswagen Hannover, Germany
Device for programming and testing, equipped with touch screen, printer for the test mode protocol and barcode reader for the “InTime”-programming of the vehicle tools during the process of manufacturing.

Diebels Brewery Issum, Germany
Special conception of an audio stereo matrix board for the brewery restaurant “Diebels-live” in Issum, Germany. The matrix board disposes of 12 stereo inputs, optionally a balanced microphone or line input, one compressor and limiter each, a two-way equalizing, same as the indication of signal and clip. All inputs can be set on one or all 10 outputs via an individual button (matrix board) or preset-button. The dynamic range is about 96dB.

Olafur Eliasson
72 special stroboscopes for the installation on an outside glass wall of the Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft in Berlin. The stroboscopes have to be visible also during daylight (10Ws) and must not reload their energy at one time from the mains supply.

LightLife GmbH
Specialized RS232 control and 60 switch channels with up to 150V= / 50mA for the control of LED lines in a Powerglass ® application. Specialized DMX512 control and 72 switch channels with up to 24V / 100mA for the control of LED surfaces of 72 Powerglass ® surfaces, 19’’, 3 units.

Custom-tailored programmable control unit “Sunrise” for 150 fluorescent lights for the simulation of daylight, an installation in the “Art Institute of Chicago” by Olafur Eliasson. Custom-tailored programmable control unit “Lightwave” for 80 single-controlled fluorescent lights for simulating a light wave during an installation in the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany, by Olafur Eliasson crossfade-control for a sculpture in the Filmmuseum inside the Sony Center in Berlin Special dimmers 9 x 700W for 110V US, 3 x 1 phasing or 3-phase operation, 9 separate programs for FADE IN, HOLD, OFF, 19’’, 3 units with covered mains sockets.

Ton & Licht GmbH
first DMX512 demultiplexer with 120 0-10V Socapex outputs
patcher / merger MP2x2
DMX-sender of installed values for DMX lighting fixtures for outdoor-lighting
- StarTreck world tour
controlling light simulation inside the Transporter (beaming)
controlling the simulation of moving light for the Turbolift

special strobe (load unit) with constant flash energy for medical purposes, use for the analysis of reactions on frame frequencies (epilepsy)
special strobe (load unit) with 4 light sources of uniform brightness for monitoring the varnishing during the production of CDs
processor-based solo strobe with a low flash value up to 300 / 500Hz
processor-based solo strobe with a medium flash value up to 300 / 500Hz

OFFSPIN und Sound & Light für Telekom Congress in Berlin

5-channel DMX single PCBs, PWM dimmer for the individual brightness adjusting of 169 light-boxes showing the T-PUNKT logo, used as stage background, each equipped with 5 Linestra-tubes.

Willett GmbH
Custom-tailored system extension for the detailed evaluation of alert signals issued by a high speed inkjet printer via SPS.
Custom-tailored system extension for the optic indication of alert signals issued by a high speed inkjet printer.

Further references
protocol converters, DMX splitters and other DMX components for many theaters and playhouses

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