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wireless DMX512 receiver

SMA plug connector for external antenna

RF receiving quality (5 level)

complete 512 byte long DMX512 universe

RDM supporting (depending from used transmitter)

Integrated DMX512 merger (HTP/LTP)
TS 35 DIN-Rail housing

Rough elevator clamps up to 2,5²mm

 Accesoires: Antennas, coaxial cable and adaptors

Supply voltage 100-240V~/=

Dimensions (LxWxH):  53 x 90 x 58 mm

Weight: 162 g
DMX512 wireless receiver with RDM and Merger  
The WD512 is a wireless DMX512 receiver processing a complete 512 byte DMX512 frame. It supports RDM as of the transmitter is able too.
The transmission protocol is CRMX by Lumenradio (Sweden)

Additional to the wireless DMX512 receiver the WD512 got a further wired DMX input with DMX merger. The Merger is used to combine the wireless and the wired DMX data by HTP or LTP using a decimal adjustable start address.

The WD512 is a DIN-Rail housing device to be installed in an electrical control cubicle.  In reason of this, the receiver of the WD512 beside the internal antenna an SMA female connector for connection of an optional external antenna.
Very important for RF-devices is a good antenna. Where the internal antenna may work for short distances and plastic cupboards, it becomes essential using an optimized antenna if installed in cupboards made of steel or large distances and things between transmitter and receiver.

We offer different antennas for best wireless connection. It starts with a small vertical radiating antenna with magnet base, small housed directional up to big outdoor directional antennas 90x70cm.

The WD512 shows a lot of states by LEDs on the frontplate, e.g. 5 LEDs for signal strength, LEDs for DMX signal OK (RF and external in), RDM, System, etc.

The power supply is line voltage from 100-240V ~/=.


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