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Splitter/Booster SP6X14

The SP6X14 is a DMX512 distribution and  amplifying unit with 6 inputs and 14 outputs mounted in a matt  clear-anodized 19" (483mm) 1U housing. All ins and outputs are fully  opto isolated against each other.
The  special what this device can do is a free configurable combination of  the 14 outputs to anyone of the 6 inputs. (Matrix) (except merger – see  MD841 merger 8 in 1). In special case all 14 outputs can be connected to  one Input. Programming is done by a jog wheel and 2 push buttons.

A  further function is a continuous scan of all 6 inputs on a valid DMX512  signal. If detected it is routed to all outputs except 1 to 6, these  outs are copies of the 6 inputs. There are two ways of handling the  input scan, either any input is equal or input A is Master.
All  in and output connectors are RJ45 and for changing the pinout there are  jumper blocks for each connector inside. (DMX512 USITT, others)
LED’s in each connector shows input signal (green) and routing (yellow).
Summary of characteristics:
  • 6x DMX512 input, fully opto isolated
  • 14x DM512 output, fully opto isolated
  • free configurable matrix of INs & OUTs
  • continuous scan of the 6 inputs
  • adjustable RJ45 pinout
  • supply voltage range 100 – 240V~/=
  • dimensions: 19“ (483mm), 1U (44mm) x 220mm
  • weight: 2kg
The incoming DMX512 signal will be  checked for valid DM512 data by a µController after passing an  electrical isolation barrier with extended ESD protection. The valid  DMX512 signals are routed to all in the matrix programmed outputs  passing again electrical isolation barriers. Each output is now capable  of 32 new devices.
All ins and outputs are electrically terminated achieving optimum performance on the data lines.

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