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Splitter/Booster SP14RDM

The SP14RDM is a DMX 512 Splitter & Booster for DIN rail mounting using 6 units. It amplifies and distributes into 4 new DMX512 lines where all lines are electrically insulated against each other. The SP14RDM supports the RDM communication between a RDM able Lighting desk to connected RDM able lighting devices.

For finding errors on the DMX lines at RDM transmission, one can disable each output for TX and/or RX activity separately.

All controls and displays are placed on the front panel.

The SP14RDM is available in 4 different versions, the way of connection is deliverable between RJ45 connectors or screw terminals (lift cage for all types of wires up to 2,5² mm) as how the supply voltage is deliverable from 100-240V~ Mains supply or for 10 to 36V dc-supply.

Summary of characteristics:
  • 1 to 4 lines
  • DIN rail supplied, using 6 units
  • featuring RDM
  • outputs can be disabled separately at TX and/or RX
  • RJ45 connectors or screw terminals up to 2.5²mm
  • Mains supply 100-240V ~ or dc supply 10-36V
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 160 x 90 x 58
  • Weight: screw terminals = 240g, RJ45 connectors = 200g

The incoming DMX512 signal will be checked for valid DM512 or RDM data by a µController after passing an electrical isolation barrier with extended 15kV ESD protection. From here the valid DMX512 signal is routed to all outputs, again through electrical isolation barriers with extended 15kV ESD protection. Each output is now capable of driving up to 128 devices.

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