Splitter/Booster SP11UP

DMX512 Bus Input and Output device (active, opto isolated)

The SP11U replaces the older SP11IN and SP11(Out) in one unit. The SP11U can be connected to a DMX512 line or to a similar balanced 5V data line. It's output provides a DMX512 signal that has been amplified and totally isolated from the BUS.

Furthermore the SP11U also can feed in an external DMX512 signal, provided that the BUS isn't in use by another Input. The SP11U recognize this automatically and prevents connecting until the BUS is free. (only if all I/O are made via SP11U).

The SP11U's Input and Output uses separate line drivers and are fully isolated against the BUS via optocoupler and DC-DC converter so that electric influence between BUS and external equipment becomes impossible.

A standard power supply unit with a simple stabilized DC voltage of 8 to 38V and about 1W for each connected SP11U is sufficient. Up to 32 units may be connected together.
The power supply unit can be set in a central position or separately for each SP11. When using a central power supply, a cable of the type CAT5 (4 x 2 x AWG24) is feasible for the data and power supply bus (see DMX512 regulation).

The SP11U detects a bus signal and indicates this via an yellow LED as well it shows a signal at the DMX IN Port (green LED).
Two Jumpers make it possible to select different modes: (* in preparation)

  • BUS free = active IN gets the BUS
  • *BUS in use = new Input gets theBUS
  • *BUS in use = manual (pushbutton) gets the BUS
  • *manual (switch) BUS is held


The SP11U is engineered as a round PC-board for mounting in Brick- or Hollowwall boxes but it is also designed to place in a Bopla ET2xx Box.


Scope of supply:

Busconnector, In-, Output and LED wirering and LED's.

Also available: Neutrik XLR 5 or 3 pin flange socket or plug or RJ45 connector, optional with integrated busy- or signal LED


Size: 65mm Ø x 20 mm

Weight: 33 g