Protocol Converter SLC192

DMX512 to AMX192

The SLC192 converts the digital DMX512 protocol into the analog AMX192 time multiplex protocol. In general, the AMX192 signal is transferred via a 4-wire line with the following function: one wire is for the 192 multiplexed analog channels, one is neutral and 2 wires for the balanced transfer of the sync signal. If one AMX192 line with its maximum of 192 channels proves to be insufficient, a second SLC192 can be connected to the start address 193 via an internal jumper (short circuit bridge). This provides another 192 channels for a second line. Furthermore, the SLC192 saves the latest DMX512 frame (512 channels) in order to send out this data via AMX192 in case of a DMX512 line failure. 

Zusammenfassung der Eigenschaften:

  • total galvanic isolation of both interfaces
  • 2 start addresses: 001 and 193
  • temporary storage of the DMX512 (1 frame = 512 bytes)
  • bridgeable DMX512 signal with 5 pins


red LED signal: 'POWER ON'
green LED signal: 'DMX-INPUT'
yellow LED signal: 'AMX192 Signal OUT'


Mode of Operation:

The SLC192 continuously saves the received DMX512 data with a maximum data capacity of 512 channels. This stored data is sent out as a static image via the AMX192 line in case of a DMX512 signal failure (after 1s). Due to the limited transfer capacity of the AMX192 protocol, only the first 192 DMX channels out of 512 are converted. The installation of a jumper (short circuit bridge) gives more access to the DMX512: By this, the transfer to AMX192 will only start at the 193rd DMX channel.


Size: 200 x 110 x 50 mm

Weight: 900 g

Color: Gehäuse schwarz Front- & Rückplatte farblos eloxiert mit gravierter Beschriftung