The ISODMX is able to store 3 DMX512 scenes of 512 channels. These scenes can be activated by its trigger input. Dependent from the setup, the activated scene can be merged or exclusive taken over to the DMX512 universe. The cross fade time is adjustable from 0 to 10 seconds in steps.

The trigger voltage range is between 100 and 240V ~/=. The trigger can be done by installation switches, push buttons or e.g. PIR sensors.

All adjustments to the ISODMX are stored non volatile and come back after a power breakdown or after ending of programming (while another scene was active).


Summary of features:

  • Memory for three DMX512 scenes (512 channel)

  • Three trigger inputs for input voltages from 100 to 240V~/=

  • Triggering by impulse or continuous voltage

  • Scenes may be mixed beneath or to the DMX input by merging or exclusive combination

  • Adjustable fade times from 0 to 10s

  • Elevator clamps for line voltage, coloured cage clamps for all types of wires for DMX512

  • Testmodes

  • DIN-Rail mount

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 106,25 x 90,2 (without locking knob) x 57,5 mm

  • Weight: 350g