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Switchpacks DSP4TR / DSP4-R
The DSP4TR is a DMX512 controlled 2 channel mechanical relay and SSR switch pack for switching of high momentary inrush currents as expected with switching supplies.
The  information of the power consumption of a switching supply doesn't says  anything of its inrush currents strength which may rise up to the  50-70A.

The  DSP4TR now is able to reduce these currents by switching at zero cross  and using a precision timing between electronic and mechanical relays.  Because of this feature the DSP4TR is able to switch on more ballasts at  same time than normally at a 16A circuit breaker would be possible.

The  DSP4TR has 4 volt free SPST switches for 250V~ and 16A rated current  for DIN-Rail mounting in electrical installation cupboards.
There are two on/off switching hysteresis available.

All modes are adjustable via the three rotary code switches and the 4times DIP switch.
A  very special of the DSP4TR is the 4 channel power on sequencer with  delays from 1 to 99s, which is expandable by using further devices up to  32 channels

Summary of characteristics:
Summary of features:
  • 4x 16A/250V~ (4000VA, AC1) contacts
  • SSR switching at zero cross for reduction of momentary inrush         currents
  • mechanical relay with low power dissipation
  • decimal DMX512 address adjustment
  • 4 channel power-on sequencer, adjustable switching delay,         expandable
  • as special version for 3phase motors switch
  • manuell test mode
  • DIN-Rail Mounting
  • all terminal clamps elevator technique up to 2,5²mm
  • Dimensions  (L x B x H): 160 x 90 x 58 mm
  • Weight: 420g

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