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Switchpack DSP2TR-2AZ
This is a very special DMX512 controlled switch pack not only with relays for high currents. Using special SSR (solid state relays) in a precision timing to the relays the DSP2TR-2AZ is able to reduce high momentary inrush currents as usual with DC-supplies or LED fixtures.
Additional to these features there are two 0-10V outputs for controlling electronic ballasts where the 0.0V are adjustable in case of long distances between ballast and DSP2TR-2AZ.
In case of a DMX error or DMX signal lost, the DSP2TR-2AZ can play a pre recorded DMX512 scene.

More features are selectable at the rotary code switches and the 4 times DIP-switch.

Summary of characteristics:
  • Relay- und Solid-State- switching technology
  • switching power 16A @240V~
  • 2 analogous 0-10V outputs with 20mA source and fine adjustable 0.0V
  • Linear or logarithmic curve for 0-10V output
  • 4 DMX addresses (2x switch and 2x 0..10V) or combined with switching hysteresis
  • Elevator terminals for mains supply and power switch and coloured cage-clamps for all type of wires for DMX512 in and 0-10V out
  • A programmable DMX512 scene for use of DMX input signal fail
  • Test mode
  • Dim (L x W x H): 106,25 x 90,2 (without locking lever) x 57,5 mm
  • Weight: 270g


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