Switchpack DSP1216B

The DSP1216 is a DMX512 controled Relay switchpack, which has basicly a 400V/16A three phase Mains supply with a maximum distribution power of 11kVA. The relay contacts has a nominal current of 20A and an inrush current of 70A, so that fuses at the load outputs are not necessary. Further on the DSP1216 has a 3 phase power switch for the Main supply. As a special feature there is a 4 line Mains filter where the hole supply- and load- current is going through. Four of the 12 channels of the DSP1216 are assigned to one phase respectively (L1= 1-4, L2= 5-8, L3= 9-12). If a line fails, the four attached channels also are without tension. In spite of this the DSP1216 is still working with only one phase. Three LEDs directly next to the power switch  shows whether all phases are available. A „Control“- LED shows if the internal supply voltages are working well and the three rotary codeswitches are used for the DMX- Start address [001-512], Test modes for the manual check [901-920] and some special functions  (e.g. Mute [000]). The Signal LED indicates using different blink timing whether a DMX512-Signal is online (LED on) or is absent (short flashes) or a Test mode  is running (blinking). A Group of 12 LED’s and miniature toggle switches shows the relay status and make it possible to switch on a channel manually. The toggle switch has priority in front of all modes! (this includes Mute [000], too)

DSP 1216 B


  • 12 channel, 20A contacts
  • 3 phase 400V / 16A ac supply
  • at least working with only one phase
  • 12 separate on/off switches on front panel
  • channel ON LED's
  • ac supply phase LED's
  • 3 phase+neutral Line filters for EMC suppression
  • 3 phase Mains power switch
  •  Testfunctions
  • fully opto isolated DMX512 Input



19"(483mm), 2HE, 330 mm Tief (incl. Flange Plug connector)

Weight: ca. 5,1 Kg


The DSP1216 is basicly available with two Harting Han16B connectors or screwless feed trough terminal blocks in the rear cover (L,N,PE each channel, see image 2) for load output. Other terminals or connectors and other housings are possible.