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The DDA4-1000XL is a DIN-Rail mountable and DMX512 controlled 4x 250W reverse phase controlled (trailing edge) dimming module. It is especially designed for LED Filament light bulbs and similar lamps for ac supply but also to use with all other incandescent light bulbs, has a short-circuit protection per channel and provides all control settings and displays on the front panel.
Due to state-of-the-art circuit technology and the use of current technology components, the total power dissipation could be reduced to 3,5W @ 1000W load that no external heat sink respective a cooling fan becomes necessary.

Especially for LED-Filament bulbs the DDA4-1000XL offers a start offset and an upper offset as well as different control characteristics (curves) for each of the 4 channels. This allows using the whole DMX512 range of value (0-255 digit) for brightness control. The different operating states, shown on the front panel, are power is on, valid DMX512 signal, short circuit and channel active, which shines proportional to the controlled value. DMX512 start address, test mode, the offset setup as well as the dimming curves are set by three rotary code switches and a DIP switch.

The DDA4-1000XL extends our product range of DIN rail mounting devices for installation cabinets.
Summary of characteristics:
• 4 channels for LED-Filament light bulbs, light chains and ohmic light bulbs
• 4x 250W without external heat sink or cooling fan
• Brightness control between 0 to 100%, now minimum load
• electronic short circuit protection per channel
• External control inputs for On/Off and dimming
• elevator terminals up to 2,5² wire diameter for all connections
• all setups via rotary code switches and DIP-switches
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 160 x 90 x 80 mm
• Weight: 431g

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