Splitter/Booster SP1X12

The SP1X12 is a DMX512 distribution and amplifying unit in matt clear-anodized 19" (483mm) 1U housing with 1 input and 12 outputs. All ins and outputs are fully opto isolated against each other and available with different Neutrik plug connectors (XLR5, XLR3, RJ45 and on request Phönix Terminal connectors.

At the SP1X12 different behaviours at a fail of a DMX512 signal are available, including a reduced DMX timing if necessary.

A two-color LED shows Power and a valid DMX512 signal.


Summary of characteristics:

  • 1x DMX512 input, 1x thru
  • 12x DM512 outputs, fully opto isolated
  • switchable DMX line termination
  • different behaviours on DMX512 fail
  • reduced DMX512 Timing available
  • plug connectors: Neutrik XLR5, XLR3 or RJ45
  • supply voltage 100 – 240V~/=
  • dimensions: 19“ (483mm), 1U (44mm) x 220mm
  • weight: 1,9kg


During development of the SP1X12 the greatest value was attached to an optimally fast signal processing and one almost uninterruptable operation on all outputs in all modes.

The incoming DMX512 signal will be checked for valid DM512 data by a µController after passing an electrical isolation barrier with extended ESD protection. 

The valid DMX512 signal is routed to all outputs passing again electrical isolation barriers either unmodified or in timing optimized.

Each output is now capable of 32 new devices.