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8-way Splitter and Booster including Merger HTP / LTP The SP218U-pcb is the installation variant of its big brother in a 19" 1U housing.

Now it has the same modes as its 19" version.
Splitter, Booster, Merger HTP or real LTP, etc. A marked board and two LEDs for signal IN A and B makes it easyer to install. More information shown in the table below. A detailed maunal one can find here (PDF 1,3MB).

Image 1 shows the pcb version for do it yorself mounting in your own applications. The circuit board includes all necessary assemblies. For example a wide range ac-supply, emc line filter, DIP-switch fpr mode select, flatcable connectors for IN a and B and the 8 outputs.

Image 2 shows the model for DIN-rail mounting.
This includes an optional adapter with connectors or screw terminals to a simple cable connection.
(WAGO- / Lumberg-Adapter)

Of course all the INs and OUTs are completely electrically separated against each other.



Table of the modes

  • Splitter & Booster 1 to 8 with mit accident switchover, IN A / B (no data processing)
  • Splitter & Booster 2 lines to 4 out each (no data processing)
  • active Splitter & Booster with defined behavior on input error (idle mode, hold value, ...)
  • Merger, both inputs are combined by the HTP or LTP process.
  • Merger LTP with / without hyteresis, aktion only at changes > 3 digit
  • lock input B if channel 512 line A = 255 digit (adjustable), basic function A -HTP-Block
  • lock input B if channel 512 line A = 255 digit (adjustable), basic function A -LTP-B
  • low delay, passive approx. 4µs, aktive max. 20ms
  • OFF state: IN A gets connected to OUT 1 and IN B to OUT 5, all datalines + reference ground
  • Dimensions of pcb: 100x 160x 28 mm, Weight: 200g