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Splitter/Booster SP12

DMX512 Splitter/ Booster 1 in 2
The SP12 is a DMX512 interface splitter  and booster. The DMX signal that needs to be boosted is connected to the  input IN on the rear side of the unit and can be forwarded to the THRU  socket. IN and THRU have a 5-pole connection.
On  the front side, there are two DMX512 outputs with a total electric  isolation from each other and from the input signal (optocouplers).
Also  on the front side are two LEDs: one indicating the operating status  (red) and one for the DMX512 input (green). If there is no correct DMX  signal available (real evaluation), the green LED will flash.

DMX512 Data lines must be terminated by a resistor at its ends. As of this reason a terminating resistor can be activated via the TERMINATE switch.
! Important: do not turn on the terminating resistor when using the THRU output.
The  interfaces have a galvanic isolation and use standard RS485 components  for sending and receiving. A 160mA delay-action fuse of the type TR5 is  installed.
Size: 200 x 110 x 50 mm
Weight: 700 g
Power supply: 230V, 3 Watt

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