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Protocol Converter SLC512plus

DMX512 to D54 (Strand Lighting)

The SLC512plus converts the digital DMX512 protocol into the analog time multiplex protocol D54 by StrandLighting.

Lighting consoles with a DMX512 interface can easily work with the dimmers and demultiplexers you have at your disposition. Especially theater halls, usually equipped with a big amount of dimmers, can considerably cut down their costs with the SLC512p.

If one D54 line with its maximum of 384 channels proves to be insufficient, a second SLC512plus can be connected to the start address 385 via an internal jumper (short circuit bridge). This provides another 128 channels for a second D54 line.

The SLC512p can also monitor a D54 line and, in case of signal failure, use this line for sending a cue that has been previously stored via DMX512.

SLC 512-plus


  • total galvanic isolation of both interfaces
  • 2 start addresses: 001 and 385
  • temporary storage of the DMX512 (512 bytes)
  • bridgeable DMX512 signal with 5 pins
  • bridgeable DMX512 signal with 5 pins
  • ends D54 protocol to Issue2 (latest update), also possible: D54 to Issue1

Mode of Operation:

The SLC512plus continuously saves the received DMX512 data with a maximum data capacity of 512 channels. This stored data is sent out as a static image (cue) via the D54 line in case of a DMX512 signal failure (after 1s) or, without DMX, if the bridged D54 signal should fail.

Due to the limited transfer capacity of the D54 protocol, only the first 384 DMX channels out of 512 are converted to D54. The installation of a jumper (short circuit bridge) gives access to the full capacity of the DMX512: by this, the transfer to D54 will only start at the 385th DMX channel.


Size: 200 x 110 x 50 mm

Weight: 900 g

Color: black housing, front and rear panel with clear anodized oxide layer and engraved writing. Also available for self-assembly, without housing and XLR.