Protocol Converter SLC232 LX

DMX512 to Luxmate ®

The SLC232LX  is a protocol converter to translate from DMX512 to Luxmate LM-SI03.

Due to the difference of the two systems (DMX512 realtime, Luxmate - Event protocol LTP) one has to take restrictions at the real time response into account.

The SLC232LX translates the incoming DMX512 data into corresponding Luxmate values. These data will be send via RS232 to the LM-SI03 interface. The DMX start address can be chosen freely. (internal BCD-encoding switch)

The direct call of cues stored in the Luxmate system is additional possibly. Also room number and type of device can be chosen freely.

Up to 100 values (DMX channels) and at least 20 cues can be transmitted to the Luxmate system in the standard version of the SLC232LX.

The DMX512 IN and THRU connectors are placed at the backside of the SLC232LX.

The D-Sub 9 connector located on the front panel is for the RS232 connection to the LM-SI03 interface by a standard 1:1 wired cable.

Both interfaces has a total galvanic isolation

SLC 232 LX

Technical data:               

Power supply ac 230V ~, 4Watt
Interfaces total galvanic isolation
DMX512, 1990
Luxmate LMSi03
200 x110 x57 mm
Weight: 650g