Protocol Converter SLC232

RS232 (PC) to DMX512

The protocol converter SLC232 allows generating DMX512 data in a standard personal computer or in any other data processing device with an RS232 interface. The data is transferred to the SLC232 via a special protocol with an adjustable baud rate of 9600 to 115200 baud.

Control Sequence:

adress - data - ... - data or

adresse - data  -adress - data - ...



The DMX address and the data are split up into two bytes each. A1.1 and A1.2 -> DMX address, D1.1 and D1.2 ->data


An example with MS-Office Excel operators:

A1.1 = Adresse / 16+ 64 (divisor) = GANZZAHL(adress/16)+64

A1.2 = Adresse % 16+ 96 (mod) = REST(Adresse;16)+96


D1.1 = Daten / 16+ 32 (divisor) = GANZZAHL(data/16)+32

D1.2 = Daten % 16+ 48 (mod = REST(data;16)+48

A terminal program can transmit this code for example as an ASCII directly to the SLC232.


  • total galvanic isolation of both interfaces
  • visual indication of the input protocol
  • optional transfer rate of up to 153600 baud
  • LEDs indicating RS232 data input and Power On
  • RS232 connection to standard D-SUB connector with 9 pins (2 TX, 3 RX, 5 GND)
  • In order to test the data connection to the PC, the SLC232 can send out a “?”-sign to the PC after shutting down the test mode jumper
  • T160mA fuse, type TR5
  • ~ 230V, 3 watt


Size: 200 x 110 x 50mm

Weight: 700g

Color: black housing, front and rear panel with clear anodized oxide layer and engraved writing.