Protocol Converter SLC1214

AVAB to DMX512, DMX512 to AVAB

The SLC1214 can convert an AVAB protocol (931214) into the DMX512 protocol or vice versa.

Due to the electric similarities between these two protocols, the SLC1214 can automatically recognize both signals at the input and convert them correspondingly.

The SLC1214 protocol converter enables the use of the new DMX512 protocol for your old AVAB dimmers (also at full DMX speed) and the control of the latest DMX512 equipment with your AVAB lighting consoles.

In order to enable a precise selection of the channels that need to be converted from one protocol into the other, the SLC1214 disposes of a dual push-button code-switch for the decimal input of the start address. This can be used for both directions of transfer.

The standard number of channels that can be converted by the AVAB protocol is 256; for the DMX512 protocol it is 512 channels. Accordingly, one DMX512 line can include two AVAB lines with 256 channels each. Upon your request, we can also prepare the SLC1214 for summing two AVAB lines to one DMX512 line.

SLC 1214


  • total galvanic isolation of both interfaces
  • automatic recognition of both protocols
  • visual indication of the recognized input protocol
  • decimal input of the start address via dual push-button code-switch
  • bridgeable DMX / AVAB signal with five pins
  • processing 1 and 2 Sync. AVAB


Size: 200 x 110 x 50 mm

Weight: 700 g

Color: black housing, front and rear panel with clear anodized oxide layer and engraved writing. Also available for self-assembly, without housing and XLR.