Protocol Converter SLC100

DMX512 to PALS / MRL (StrandLighting)

The SLC100 protocol converter enables the DMX512 control of the old PALS moving lights and color changers developed by StrandLighting. (PALS = precision automatic lighting system)

By this, you can use your expensive PALS equipment with new DMX512 lighting consoles without any compromises.

The SLC100 supports the following functions: PAN, TILT, IRIS, COLOR and the stop command used by PALS, which immediately stops all moving lights.

Due to the function quantity of each moving light, the SLC100 can control a maximum of 85 receivers via one DMX512 line. Please note that the use of a data booster (for example an SP218, SP12 or similar) becomes indispensable if the number of receivers exceeds 32.

The front panel of the SLC100 disposes of a dual push-button code-switch for the input of the start address from where the conversion from DMX512 to PALS should begin.

SLC 100


  • total galvanic isolation of both interfaces
  • visual indication of the input protocol
  • visual indication of the PALS data transfer
  • decimal input of the start address via dual push-button code-switches
  • bridgeable DMX signal with five Pins



The PAN and TILT functions are 10bit-data. In order to keep this high resolution, the SLC100 uses two DMX bytes that are divided into a high and a low byte. The high byte includes the superior 8 bit of the PAN or TILT value, whereas the low byte includes the remaining 2 bits at the highest level.

Given that IRIS and COLOR can only take 100 positions, one byte for each of these functions is sufficient.

The complete sequence is as follows: PAN high, PAN low, TILT high, TILT low, IRIS, COLOR. The start address is entered via the selector switch. The byte corresponding to this address is used for the stop function and takes an influence on all the connected moving lights. For the standard operation mode the value of this channel should be zero.


Size: 200 x 110 x 50 mm

Weight: 700 g

Color: black housing, front and rear panel with clear anodized oxide layer and engraved writing.