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The products offered on the following sites fulfill various tasks within the DMX512 light engineering standard, but also within other protocols like D54, AVAB, PALS, MIDI, ASCII, etc. The DMX512 standard is a digital data transfer protocol for the control of light dimmers, luminaires with moving head or mirrors, same as smoke machines, strobes and many other devices for professional light engineering.

Along with a great variety of standard products, we conceive devices for the adaptation to other or older light engineering standards – so-called protocol converters (SLC100), demultiplexers for the conversion into analog control voltage (DAC12A) or demultiplexers with switchable outputs for control circuits or electric circuits, available with one or several channels (switchpacks like DSP3), same as dimmers with 30 to 60 channels for architectural and effect lightingPlease find a selection of customer-specified devices and special versions of our products under the link Specials. If your search is not satisfactory or if you should have any technical issues, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or E-Mail.