Dimmer DDA2

The DDA2 is a DIN-Rail mountable and DMX512 controlled 2x 1000W trailing edge dimmer. It is especially designed for LED Filament light bulbs and similar lamps for ac supply but also to use with all other incandescent light bulbs.

Due to state-of-the-art circuit technology and the use of current technology components, the total power dissipation could be reduced to 7W @ 2000W load that no external heat sink or fan is necessary; likewise no minimum load is necessary anymore.

Especially for LED-Filament bulbs the DDA2 offers a start offset and an upper offset for each of the 2 channels. This allows using the whole DMX512 range of value (0-255 digit) for dimming.

Further on the control characteristic is selectable per channel between logarithmic and linear.

The DDA2 shows different states, power on, DMX512 signal and one LED per channel which shines proportional to the load output.

DMX512 start address, test mode and the offset setup is made by three rotary code switches. A DIP switch is used to disable DMX-Hold and to exchange between the two control characteristics.

The DDA2 extends our product range of DIN rail mounting devices in installation cabinets.

DDA2 - GB      Rev. 2      8.11.2018


Summery of characteristics:


  • 2-channel dimmer for LED-filament, -light chains & light bulbs
  • 2x 1000W, without fan
  • Dimming from 0 to 100%, no minimum load required
  • LED-Filament bulbs are dimmable over the whole DMX512 value range, by using adjustable start and limit values.
  • Elevator screw terminals for ac-supply an load connection
  • Colored cage clamp terminals for DMX512 IN and THRU
  • DMX512 start address / test modes by rotary code Switches
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 159,5 x 90,2 x 57,5 mm
  • Weight: 433g