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Demultiplexer DAC12A rev. B

DMX512 / MIDI / ASCII -> Demultiplexer for 12 analog channels and extensions

The DAC12A is the successor version of the DAC8. It is of the same size, but disposes of 12 analog 10V-outputs with an output voltage of 55mA individual load and 75mA total load. Serial number 02.048 and above have a total load of up to 100mA. Not only does it support the DMX512 protocol, but also the MIDI and RS232/422 interfaces. The plug-in of additional extension cards on the SPI port CN2 enables the installation and mixing of 192 digital / switch channels (96 channels with MIDI). Theoretically, the maximum number of channels can be reached upon adding further extension cards.

The DAC12A with its integrated power supply unit and supply filter is installed on a PC-board sized only 100 x 80mm. The code switches enable the setting of the DMX start addresses and to select one of the various operation modes like DMX, MIDI, ASCII and manual test modes. A ribbon cable enables the connection of external rotary switches or dual push-button code-switches.

Adapter PC-boards are available for the electronically correct installation of the implemented protocols MIDI and RS232/422.

Upon your request, we create individual solutions for digital extension cards, interfaces and protocols.


The main operation functions can be selected directly via jumper:

J1 HOLD VALUES or BLACK ALL in case of DMX512 failure
J2 selectable output curve, linear or logarithmic (i.e. control of fluorescent lights)
J3 5s 100% after activation for the premature ignition of electronic ballasts at low environmental temperatures
J4 determines minimum output voltage (factory setting 1V)
J5 enables the byte- or bit-mode control of extension outputs


  • MIDI-, DMX-, and ASCII-Control
  • various extension Cards
  • also available: adapter PC-boards for MIDI and RS232/422
  • internal power supply unit 230V~, with supply filter
  • galvanic isolation between the various interfaces and the analog section (DMX512 according to DIN56930-2 / 4.2.3)
  • three-digit DMX start address, decimal setting via rotary switch or via external dual push-button code-Switch
  • LED indication for operation status, DMX signal and additional external Input
  • various operation modes
  • test mode


AC supply: 230V~, 50-60Hz, Pmax = 4.5W

Size: 100 x 80 x 35 mm

Weight: ca. 290g