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Demultiplexer DAC12A

DMX512 / MIDI / ASCII -> Demultiplexer for 12 analog channels and extensions

The DAC12A is a DMX512, ASCII and MIDI control able 12 channel analogous 0-10V Demultiplexer. A single output can source or sink up to 50mA. The minimum output voltage is approx. 0.012V (12mV).

Since first issue in the year 1997 as a 4 channel version the circuit grows and got better continuously. Dimensions, mounting, fastening and handling stays nearly the same. 

The latest issue - the D-revision – now has beside good old functions some new ones like a higher output current of 200 instead 50mA, a mains supply overvoltage protection, an zero voltage offset compensation of the 0-10V outputs to nearly 0V (12mV), a weight reduction from 280g onto 105g only and as well as a mains supply voltage range from 100 to 240V~.

All electrical circuits (ICs) for receiving DMX512 and for the output voltages are mounted in sockets for easy exchange.

All adjustments are made by three rotary code switches and 4 jumpers. Available as option is an external rotary code switch-pcb with ribbon flat cable for connection to the DAC12A.

Summary of features:

  • 12 channel 0-10V, 50mA /200mA all together
  • Direct mains supply 100 – 240V~
  • Controllable by DMX512, ASCII or MIDI
  • Curve for 0-10V linear or logarithm
  • Output voltage alternatively 0-10V or 1-10V
  • Fully optically isolated DMX512 interface
  • DMX512 connector with cage clamp contacts
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 100 x 80 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 105g